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Upgrades        New Computers
  There are several effective steps which can be taken to upgrade a computer and increase its performance and storage capacity.  Tom's Computer Service can determine which steps are the right ones to pursue.

The easist way to increase PC peformance is to add additional memory.  We can determine how much memory your machine can handle, recommend the optimal amount of memory, as well as peform the installation.
  Storage requirements are growing fast with the increasing number of image, video and sound files that most people are keeping on their PCs.  Newer computers come with much larger hard drives (used for storage) than older PCs.  Tom's Computer Service can help you increase the storage capacity of your computer to keep pace with increasing storage demands.
  If possible, another way to increase PC performance is to upgrade the processor.  Tom's Computer Service can help you determine whether a processor upgrade is possible and cost-effective, as well as perform the installation.  Replacing the motherboard and the processor is also an option.  However, in most cases, it makes more sense to upgrade to a new computer if one is considering this step.

New Computers
  - Help Choosing a Brand-Name Computer -

Purchasing a new brand-name desktop or laptop computer can be difficult because of the dizzying array of choices offered by the major manufacturers.  

Based upon your specific requirements, Tom's Computer Service can help you determine which computer best suits your current and future neeeds.  We can also recommend and help select appropriate software and peripherals which will enhance your computing experience and help to increase your productivity.
  - Computer Setup and Configuration -

When your new PC arrives, we can perforom the complete setup, reconnect any existing peripheral devices such as printers, scanners and digital cameras and configure pre-existing or new DSL, Cable Modem or dialup internet access, and install all software.
  - Custom-Built Computers -

Gamers and those using high-end graphic and video editing applications often demand extreme performance from their computers which is not always available from brand-name PC manufacturers.  Tom's Computer Service will work with you to custom-build a PC which meets your exact performance requirements.

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